One unique thing about Mennonites is the way we think about leadership.  We tend to behave as though anyone can lead from any position (or no position!).  For this reason we have much lay leadership in worship services and the direction of the church is set by the congregation when meeting together at congregational meetings (usually 4 times per year).  Those meetings are led and facilitated by the Congregational Chair.

In addition to the congregational chair, our leadership structure includes:

  • A part-time pastor
  • Congregational Care Committee for pastoral care
  • Commissions.  These groups report to the whole group at our regular decision-making gatherings. You can see a list of the church’s commissions here
  • We attempt to make decisions by consensus

Bethany will soon be hiring an interim pastor to be with us as we begin the search for a new pastor for our church. Our former pastor Gwen Groff has stepped back from work at Bethany after 23 years of ministry here. She is pursuing work as a spiritual director, among other things. We are so thankful for our years with her and bless this time of transition.

For some thoughts on leadership in the Christian Church, see this post.