Church Library Catalog

Below is a listing of the books in the Bethany Mennonite Church library.  Please call the church to access the library or simply come on over on a Sunday morning.
Caldwell, Taylor – Great Lion of God
Eby, Omar – The Sons of Adam
Diamant, Anita – The Red Tent
Holmes, Marjorie – Two From Galilee
Price, Eugenia – New Moon Rising
Ward, Graham – Cities of God

Various Maps
Rasmussus, Carl –  NIV Atlas of the Bible
Wright, George E. et al – Historical Atlas to the Bible

Barclay, William – Ambassador for Christ (Paul)
Bender, HS – These are my people, the New Testament Church
Bender, HS – The Anabaptist Vision
Blythe, LeGette – Man on Fire
Brown, Raymond – The Gospel According to John (Vol 1&2)
Browne, Lewis – The Graphic Bible
Clemens, Lois – Woman Liberated
Davidson et al – The New Bible Commentary
Finger, Thomas – Christian Theology, Vol 1&2
Finger, Reta – Daughters of Sarah – Christian Perspective on Sin and Grace
Garber, Julie – For Crying out Loud – Studies in Exodus
Graham, Ruth and Billy – What the Bible is all about
Higgs, Liz Curtis – Bad girls of the Bible
Higgs, Liz Curtis – Really bad girls of the Bible
Kauffman, Daniel – Doctrines of the Bible
Kelly, Balmer – Layman’s Bible Commentary: Vols 1-25
Klinck, Arthur – Home Life in Bible Times
Kreeft, Peter – Between Heaven and Hell
Lockyer, Herbert – All the Apostles of the Bible
MacMaster, Eve – Story Bible Series: 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10
Macartney, Clarence – Great Women of the Bible
Mauriac, Francois – Life of Jesus
Roth, Alice and Willard – Becoming God’s People Today
Stott, John – Basic Introduction to the New Testament
Vincent, Marvin – The International Critical Commentary:Philippians and Philemon
Wenger, JC – God’s Word Written
Wenger, JC – Separated unto God
Wise, Michael O. et al – The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation

Good News New Testament: Today’s English Version, 4th ed. 1976           7 copies
Holy Bible NIV, 1973                                                            1
The Greatest is Love, paraphrase, 1967                                         4
The New Testament in Modern English, 10th printing, 1965                       2
The New Testament: New International Readers’ Version, 1996            1
Holy Bible Concordance, RSV 1952                                               1
Holy Bible, King James Version, 1611                                           7
The Great News: The New Testament, NIV 1973                            1
The Twentieth Century NT, Modern English Translation                   1
The New Testament, Translation in the language of the people 1950      1
You May Have Life, The Gospel of John, NIV 1973                                2
The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, RSV 1973            1
New Testament, King James Version, 1611                                        2
New Testament with Psalms, Proverbs, tiny                                      3
The Bible, RSV                                                                 4
Good News for Modern Man, the NT in today’s English Version            3

Albom, Mitch – Tuesdays with Morrie
Albus, Harry – The Peanut Man (George Washington Carver, for youth)
Bauman, Elizabeth – Coals of Fire (Youth/Peace)
Bender, HS – Menno Simons Life and Writing
Bulla, Clyde Robert – Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims (for Youth)
Casswell, Reginold -The Blind Poetess Fannie Crosby
Dyck, Cornelius – Twelve Becoming
Erb, Paul – Orrie O Miller
Fuller, Millard – No More Shacks
Gates, Helen Kolb – John Fretz Funk: Bless the Lord O My Soul
Giff, Patricia Reilly – Mother Teresa, Sister to the Poor ((for youth)
Jackson, Travenna – Fannie Crosby a History of 94 years
Keim, Albert – Harold S Bender
King, Coretta Scott – My life with Martin
Krakauer, Jon – Into the Wild
McBride James – The Color of Water
McMullan, Kate – Harriet Tubman, Conductor of the Underground Railroad (for youth)
Mc Neer, May – John Wesley
Rothwell, Helen, A Great Poetess Fannie Crosby
tenBoom, Corrie – The Hiding Place
tenBoom, Corrie – Tramp for the Lord
Theroux,  Phyllis – California and Other States of Grace

Annett, Cora – When the Porcupine moved in
Beskow, Elsa – Pelle’s New Suit
Briggs,  Karen – Crazy for Horses
Fox, Mem – Night Noises
Gans, Roma – Birds Eat and Eat and Eat
Godden, Rumer – The story of Holly and Ivy
Hamilton, Virginia – The People Could Fly – American Black Folk Tales
Kramon, Florence- Eugene and the New Baby
Molarsky, Osmond – Song of the Empty Bottles
Peterson, John – The Littles to the Rescue
Turkle, Brinton – Thy Friend, Obadiah
Vallotton, Annie – From the Apple to the Moon
Webber, Irma – Up above and Down Below
Weygant, Noemi OSB – It’s Autumn!

Barnard, Floy – Bible Friends to Know
Bradford, Barbara Taylor – Children’s stories of the Bible from the Old and New Testaments
Butterworth, Nick – The House on the Rock
Coe, Joyce – The Donkey who served the King
Cook (pub) – Jesus the Friend of Children
deVries, Anne – Story Bible for Older Children (OT)
Dandi, – The story of Daniel
Dandi – The story of Noah
Davidson, Alice Joyce – The story of Jonah
dePaola, Tomie – Bible Stories
Egermeier, Elsie – Picture story Life of Christ
Griffin, Sunny – Daniel and his very good friend
Heifner, Fred – Isaiah, Messenger for God
Hill, Dave – The walls came tumbling down
Jones, Mary Alice – The Ten commandments for children
Kolbrek, Loyal – Samson’s Secret
Kolbrek, Loyal – The man who changed his name
Krentel, Mildred – Two by Two
Latourette, Jane – Noah’s Ark
MacMaster, Eve – 1 – God’s family,  3 – God gives the Lamd, 4 – God’s chosen King , 5 – God’s Wisdom and power, 8 – God Sends his son, 10 – God builds his church
Mandeville, Sylvia – The parable of Two New Houses
Mann, Victor – He remembered to say thank you
Mann, Victor – The seeds that grew to be a hundred
Marshall, Catherine – Story Bible
McElrath, William – Judges and Kings: God’s Chosen Leaders
McKenna, Una – The Man Born Blind
Mueller, Virginia – The Secret journey
My Little Book About – Daniel in the Lion’s Den
My Little Book About – Noah’s Ark
Nixon, Joan Lowery – Five Loaves and Two Fishes
Taylor, Kenneth – The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes
Ulmer, Louise – The Man who learned to give
Ulmer, Louise – The Son who said he wouldn’t
Walker, Jerry – Stories from the Bible – Old Testament
Warren, Mary – The Little Boat that Almost Sank
Warren, Mary – The Lame man who walked again

Coppola, Francis Ford – Koyaanisqatsi
Fox, Brenda – Conviction
Modern Parables – The Shrewd Manager
Modern Parables – Hidden Treasure
Paper Clips

Bender, HS – The Anabaptist Vision
Brinton, Howard H – Friends for 300 Years
Dyck, Anne –  Mennonites around the World
Dyck, Peter and Elfrieda -Up from the Rubble
Graber Miller, Keith – Teaching to Transform
Horsch, John – Mennonites in Europe
Hostetter, C Nelson – Anabaptist- Mennonites Nationwide USA
Hostetler, John – Amish Roots
Hostetler, John – Amish Society
Keuning, J. – The Man in Bearskin
Lederach, Paul M – Seeking what cannot be seen
Martyrs’ Mirror – Thieleman et al
Mennonite Church – Mennonite Confession of Faith (1963)
Religious Society of Friends – Faith and Practice
Rice, Charles S – The Amish Year
Schmell, Wilmer – 40 years in Vermont
Scott, Stephen – Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups
Scott, Stephen – Plain Buggies
Shenk, Joseph – Silver Thread
Sloan-Coffin, William – Living the Truth in a world of illusions
Smith, Elmer – Among the Amish
Smith, Elmer – Meet the Mennonites
Smucker, Barbara  – Henry’s Red Sea
Stoltzfus, Grant  – Mennonites of the Ohio and Eastern Conference
Stucky, Solomon – For Conscience Sake
Toews, John B – Czars, Soviets and Mennonites
Toews, John B – Lost Fatherland
Toews, Paul – Mennonites in Society 1930-1970
Wenger, G S – 6000 years of the Bible
Wenger, John Christian -Even unto death
Wenger, John Christian – What Mennonites believe
Wenger, JC – The Mennonite church in America

Allstrom, Elizabeth – You Can Teach Creatively
Ames, Louise Bates – Your Nine Year Old
Drescher, John M – If I were starting my family again
Marzollo, Jean – Superkids
Morrison, – Growing up in the family
National Domestic Violence Hotline – The Lord Hears Your Cries (2)

North/Preheim – Human Sexuality in the Christian Life
Reed, Elizabeth – Helping Children with the Mystery of Death
Olsen et all – Help for Remarried Couples and Families
Strommen, – Five Cries of Families
Trueblood, Elton – The Common Ventures of Life  (Marriage, Birth, Work, Death)

Barrett – The Way God Fights
Bauman, Elizabeth – Coals of Fire (Youth)
Burkholder, JR – Children of Peace
Collins, Gary – Living in Peace
Drescher, John – Why I am a CO
Durnbaugh – The Believers’ Church
Forman – My Enemy, My Brother
Eller, Vernard – The Simple Life
Faith and Life – Weathering the Storm – Christian Pacifist Responses to War
Fry, A.Ruth – Victories without Violence
Hedges, Chris – War is a Force that gives us Meaning
The Hague – Blessed are they who work for peace (written by children)
Kniss,Lloyd – I couldn’t fight, the story of a CO in World War 1
Kraybill, Donald – The Upside-Down Kingdom
Kreider and Goossen – When Good People Quarrel
Lapp, John – Peacemakers in a Broken World
Lasserre, Jean – War and the Gospel
Lind, Millard  – Answer to War
Martin, Jason – The sermon on the mount
Merton, Thomas – Faith and Violence
O’Connor, Elizabeth – The New Community
Peachey, J. Lorne – How to Teach Peace to Children
Peck, M Scott – The Different Drum
Peachey, Titus and LInda  – Seeking Peace
Perkins, John – With Justice for all
Rantisi, Audeh – Blessed are the Peacemakers
Regehr, Ernie – What is Militarism
Rogers, John  – Medical Ethics, Human Choices
Schlabach, Gerald – And who is my Neighbor?
Swift and Oppenheim – The Mustard Seed Process
Umble, Diane Z – Choices for Human Justice
Wenger, JC et al – Series on Peace (small books)
Yoder, Perry B. – Shalom: The Bible’s word for Salvation, Justice, and Peace

Barnes – 15 Minutes Alone With God (For Men)
Buechner, Frederick – Listening to your life: Daily Meditations
Canfield – Chicken Soup for the Soul
Duerk, Judith – Circle of Stones: Woman’s journey to Herself
Hauerwas, Stanley – With the Grain of the Universe
Kasl, Charlotte – Finding Joy
Kaufman, Gordon – In Face of Mystery: A constructive Theology
Keefe, Carolyn – Freedom for me and other human creatures
Lehman – Traces of Treasure
Moore, Thomas – Care of the Soul
Nollman, Jim – Spiritual Ecology
Nouwen, Henri – The Wounded Healer
O-Connor, Elizabeth – Letters to Scattered Pilgrims
O’Hara, Nancy – Just Listen
Peterson, Eugene – Working the Angles: The shape of pastoral integrity
Prather, Hugh – Notes to myself
Raber, Ann – A life of wholeness
Rollins, Peter –  Orthodox Heretic
Rupp, Joyce – Praying our Goodbyes
Warren, Rick – The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I here for?
WEAVINGS – (Clothed with Christ, Impasse, Life in Christ, MInd your Call, Praying the BIble)
Wenger, Linden – Climbing Down the Ladder
WMSC – From Monologue to Dialogue

Benner, Henry et al – Youth Program Ideas
Caduto, Michael J. – A Child of God
Coleman,William – Who, What, When, Where
Chiarei, Brunetto – The Atlas of World Cultures
Horton, Adey – The Child Jesus (art)
Kauffman, Joel – The Nazareth Jesus knew
Keidel, Eudene – African Fables that teach about God
Lehn, Cornelia – I heard Good News Today
Lehn, Cornelia – Peace be with you
MCC – A dry roof and a cow
Mellonie,Brian – Lifetimes
Readers’ Digest – Illustrated dictionary of Bible Life and Times
Smither, Ethel – Picture book of Palestine
UNICEF – Children just like me
Unruh, Fred – Questions I’d like to ask God

deAngeli, Marguerite – Whistle for the Crossing
Beiler, Edna – Adventures of Buttonwood
Beiler, Edna – Mattie Mae
Beiler, Edna -Ten of a Kind
Beiler, Edna – White Elephant for Sale
Bell – Her Bridge to Happiness
Blume, Judy – Iggie’s House
Brenneman, Helen – But Not Forsaken
Brown, Jeanette Perkins – Wishes come true
Burgess, Thornton – Adventures of Sammy Jay
Christian, Mary Blount  – The Goosehill Gang and the Disappearing Dues
Cleveland, Jay – It’s Bright in My Valley
Carroll, Gladys – To Remember Forever
Cleary, Beverly – Beezus and Ramona
Cleary, Beverly – Socks
Doubleday – A Christmas Feast
Etchison, Birdie – Me and Greenley
Faris, Lillie – Bible Story Readers vols. 4 and 5

Fisher, David – Tilly Ballooning
Frantz, Evelyn – A Bonnet for Virginia
Gehman, Clayton – Children of the Conestoga
Giles, Janice – The Enduring Hills
Giles, Janice – Tara’s Healing
Glass, Esther Eby – Aunt Nan and the Miller Five
Glass, Esther Eby – The Miller Five
Godden, Rumer – The Diddakoi
Hamilton, Dorothy – Amanda Fair
Hamilton, Dorothy – Charco
Hamilton, Dorothy – Gina In-Between
Hamilton, Dorothy – Mindy
Hamilton, Dorothy – Rosalie
Hamilton, Dorothy – Scamp and the Blizzard Boys
Hamilton, Dorothy – Winter Caboose
Hamilton, Dorothy – Winter Girl
Hawse, Alberta – Vinegar Boy
Hostetler, Marian – African Adventure
Hostetler, Marian – Fear in Algeria
Hutchens, Paul – The Sugar Creek Gang – The Treasure Hunt
Hutchens, Paul – The Sugar Creek Gang Series 1-9
Jackson, Dave and Neta – The Hidden Jewel
Jenkins – Saddlebag Parson
Jones, Rebecca – Germy Blew It
Kauffman, Christmas Carol – For One Moment
Kauffman, Christmas Carol – Light from Heaven
Kauffman, Christmas Carol – Not Regina
Keene, Carolyn – The flying Saucer Mystery (Nancy Drew)
Long, Lucile – Anna Elizabeth, Seventeen
Martens, Wilfred – River of Glass
Miller, Clara B – To all Generations
Miller, Clara B  – Katie
Miller, Clara B – The Tender Herb
Montgomery, Lucy.M – Anne of the Island
Montgomery, Lucy – The Story Girl Earns Her Name/Road to Avonlea
Moore, Ruth Nulton – Mystery at Indian Rocks
Moore, Ruth Nulton – Mystery of the Lost Heirloom
Moore, Ruth Nulton – Mystery of the Missing Stallions
Moore, Ruth Nulton – Mystery of the Lost Treasure
Nesbit, Jeff – High Sierra Adventure Series 1-4
Reid, John – Bird Life in Wington
Smucker, Barbara – Underground to Canada
Speare – The Bronze Bow
Spyri, Johanna – Heidi
Travis, Lucille – Tirzah
Vermon, Louise – The Secret Church
Vermon, Louise – Ink on his Fingers
Vogt, Esther Loewen – Eight Wells of Elim
Webb, Addison – Song of the Seasons
West, Jessaman – The Friendly Persuasion
White, EB – Charlotte’s Web
White, EB – Stuart Little
White, EB -The Trumpet of the Swan
Wooldridge – Hannah’s House
Yoder, Joseph – Rosanna of the Amish

Alternatives Celebration Catalogue – To Celebrate: Reshaping Holidays and Rites of Passage
Bicksler, Harriet – Called to Stewardship
Black, Donald – Lord, I want to be a Christian Inna my Heart
Bowman, Robert C – A light for my Path
Boone, Edward = Stories of Sacred Songs
Briggs, JR – When God says Jump
Doran, Carol et al – Trouble at the Table
Gilbertson, Merrill – The Way it Was in Bible Times
Good, Merle – Today Pop Goes Home
Fronterhouse, Bob D – Parable Skits for Youth and Adults
Fyock, Joan A et al – Hymnal Companion (two copies)
Keane, Shelia – Prayer: Beginning Again
Kreider, Eleanor – Enter his Gates
Lederach, Paul M ed – Story Collection, the Foundation Series
L’Engle, Madeleine – The Summer of the Great-Grandmother
Matlans, Stuart, et al – How to be a perfect stranger: The Essential Religious Etiquette Handbook
Meether, Arthur – A Drama for Thanksgiving
Maus, Cynthia Pearl – Christ and the Fine Arts
Miller, John W – Judgment and Hope: Eight plays from the lives of prophets
Miller, Marcia – Bible-playing A Modern Mystery Cycle
MWC – Parables of the Kingdom
Parker, Alice – Melodious Accord: Good singing in church
Parker, Joseph – Prayers for Worship Services
Rahner, Karl – Meditations on Freedom and the Spirit
Roberts, Elizabeth et al – Life Prayers from around the world
Staack, Hagen – Living Personalities of the Old Testament
Stenbock, Evelyn – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day program builder
Stenbock, Evelyn – Thanksgiving program builder
Stoltzfus, Louise – Traces of Wisdom: Amish women and the pursuit of life’s simple pleasures
Stuhlmueller, Carroll – Biblical Meditations for Ordinary Time, weeks 1-9
Stutzman, Ervin R – Welcome: A biblical and practical guide to receiving new members

Ammerman, Leila – Christmas programs No 2
Bartel, Bonnie – The Night The Animals Talked
Batchelor, Mary – The Lion Christmas Book

Beabout, Florence – The Holy Night
Berry, Florence – Follow The Star
Bodker, Cecil – Mary of Nazareth –
Bringman, Dale – A Star is Born

Campbell, John – The Christmas Story
Carrington, Edith et al – Unto Us a Child is Born
Cook David (pub) – Christmas Program Helper No 13
Dargatz, Jan – Fifty-two ways to make Christmas Special
DeKruyter, Arthur – Complete Candlelight Services for Christmas
Fittro, Pat – Christmas Candlelight Programs
Haugan, Randolph (ed) – Christmas
Hendricks, William et al – Handbook of Christmas Programs
Houston, Gary – Six Presents from God
Kalajainen, Larry – An Advent Journey
Lense, Esther – Christmas around the world
Meether, Arthur – Hail to Christmas
Meether, Arthur – A Christmas Remembrance
Miller, Paul – Christmas Program Builder No 38
Miller, Paul – The Missing Jesus
Ramquist, Grace – Christmas Program Builder No 30
Readers’ Digest (Pub) – A Family Christmas
Runk, Wesley – Angel Voices: The messengers of Christmas (2 copies)
Schackel, James – The Shepherds of Bethlehem
Schwab, Betty Lynn – The Magnificat: Mary’s and Ours (2 copies)
Schwab, Betty Lynn – Do you hear what I hear?
Siewert, Alan – an Unlikely Cast
Sorlien, Sandra – Keeping Christmas
Snyder, Esther – Trinity Christmas Helper No 4
Sparks, Judith Ann – Christmas Programs for the Church No 14
Summers, Georgianna – The LIght Shines in the Darkness
Tyndale (Pub)- The Nativity Story
Whitman – The Story of Christmas
Wilkins, Roy J – Come to Bethlehem
Wilson, Etta – The Miracle of Easter
Younger, Dory – Christmas International

Garrison, Peter C – Witnesses to the Cross – Six Dramatic Dialogs for Lent
Hanson, Alan – Eyewitnesses to the Passion
Hull, Richard – Symbols of Sacrifice, Lenten Congregational Resources Year 2
Invitation – Become Who We Are: Easter to Pentecost
Invitation: Come to the Welcome Table, Easter to Pentecost
Invitation – Tell us a Story, Pentecost Season
Joyce, Jon – Conversations During Christ’s Passion
Joyce, Jon – The Lord’s Passion: A Multimedia Series for Lent
Litherland, Janet – The Story of the Passion
Lloyd, Mary Edna – Glad Easter Day
Loots, Barbara – The Story of Easter
Loper, Roger – The Bread the Cup the Call the Challenge
MacKenzie, Sheldon – The Words he Spoke: A Three Hour Service for Good Friday
Miller, Paul – Lenten and Easter Drama Resources
Miller, Paul – A Rumor of Resurrection
Mueller, Robert -Tell their Story
Orbaker, Douglas – Day of Redemption: A Tenebrae Service and Worship Drama for GoodFriday
Parr, Michael – Given and Shed for You
Quisenberry, JB – A Service of Shadows : A Tenebrae Sercie
Quisenberry, JB – The Final Triumph: A One Act Easter Chancel Drama
Rumpf, Oscar – Fourteen Witnesses Soliloquies for Lent
Runk, Wesley – Jesus and the Crowds
Schwartz, Faye – from Birth to Death
Scott, Robert F – Eavesdroppers at the Cross: Seven Lenten Monologues
Wiebe, Gayle – Worship Resources for Lent and Easter
Wyatt, Janice Bennett – Your King Comes! A Palm Sunday Celebration